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Discovering I Am Not Less of a Mom; PART 2

Hello my friends! I had to write this post not only as a necessary update to you, but also so I never forget this special time in my life!

Let’s see… last we left off, I was discovering that I am not less of a mom raising an only child. I was totally blown away by the incredibly loving and overwhelming response to that blog post. Writing about such a vulnerable subject left me feeling a bit exposed, and open for judgement. However, your comments, feedback, re-pins and all around support made me feel like that post–my story, had a real purpose. You reminded me that I am not alone, and reading your stories in response to mine, left me feeling totally connected and inspired. So THANK YOU for receiving my truth so lovingly.

Discovering I Am Not Less of A Mom; Part 2

Writing that blog post was therapeutic for me. At times I have gone back to re-read my own words. Not in a self-obsessed kind of way, but so that I could remind myself of my own strength (and yours), in a sometimes challenging situation. But since then, some things have shifted and changed, and I just couldn’t keep this to myself, after you replied with so much of your own beautiful honesty. So here is the next chapter of that story, and a reminder that there is almost always a next chapter, even when it seems like you’re at a dead-end.

In regards to coming to terms with having an only child, where I landed was in a place of acceptance, (for the most part). This may have not been ‘my plan’, but I have come to learn and know that life unfolds in unexpected ways, and often results in better outcomes than I could have imagined in the first place. So I backed off of the argument with my sweet husband, and refocused my energies on creating a beautiful, fun and meaningful childhood for our Ayden-girl. I looked for opportunities to be grateful for our little trio. And life sort of just resumed.

A year and several months passed, when (literally) suddenly in one week, I found out 10! – Yes, 10! friends were newly pregnant. Some with their first, others with their 2nd and a few with their 3rd. This put the count of currently pregnant friends up to 14, and counting. I was genuinely happy for each friend, however many of the feelings I had struggled with before, resurfaced. I did not want these feelings to resurface, in fact I tried to push them back down. But there they were, staring me square in the face. It felt very selfish to make anyone else’s pregnancy mean anything about ME, and I tried not to judge myself for it. But, I am human. And sometimes I am selfish and self-centered, and I knew I needed to address these feelings once again. (Cue eye roll).

A friend suggested I write my feelings down in the form of a letter, to my husband. It was a great solution and really took the drama out of an emotional situation. It had been a long while since we had even discussed the possibility of having another baby, and at this point I just wanted to share my truth that deep down, buried under a lot of soul-searching, I couldn’t deny my heart’s true desire. I typed the letter out, without trying to make it sound ‘good’. I didn’t care if it was well written, even though I am a total word-nerd. It just had to be honest and loving. I hit the ‘save’ button, and decided not to read it to him for a few weeks; when my emotions weren’t so intense.

Here is where the magic happens. Mind you, I never read that letter to Mike. I never even mentioned that I wrote it. The following week, on a Tuesday night, he came home from work bearing flowers for both me and Ayden, (he’s a keeper!). One of my love-languages I have discovered, is gifts, so this token of thoughtfulness was beyond appreciated. At dinner he made a strange comment to Ayden about becoming a big sister. I teared up, because my husband is not careless with his words. In fact, he is quite intentional, and wouldn’t dare to bring up such a sensitive topic if he couldn’t back it up with some action. Coupled with some other non-blog-appropriate actions earlier in the week, I knew something was up. I decided to let him broach the topic, in fear that perhaps I was imagining it all. Later that night, my amazing husband went on to tell me.. “So, I have been thinking…” I immediately interrupted, replying, “–Are we trying to have a baby!?”  And you guessed it, ladies and gents, after all of this time, something–God; the Universe; All that is, had changed his heart. Prayers that I was afraid to say out-loud, had been answered.

I almost didn’t want to write this post, because I didn’t want to take away from my original post. I still firmly believe that even if Mike hadn’t had a change of heart, I wouldn’t be any less of a mom. But my hope is that this post–our story, might give someone else hope, who is struggling to trust that there is a bigger plan for them in life, than merely what is in front of them at this moment. What I have learned from this journey, is that while I claim to be a spiritual person, I had created a limit on the capabilities of my god / higher power. I trusted in some areas, but not in the area of growing our family. It’s been very humbling, actually. It has forced me to go back and re-examine my relationship to my spirituality.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that we are expecting baby # 2 in March of 2017, and I can’t wait to document this epic journey, (morning sickness and all).

Discovering I am not less of a mom, PART 2: Our journey from being a family of 3 to a family of 4

Your thoughts and feedback are always so very appreciated, and welcomed. Join the convo below!

xo, Em


The Voice

My Day at 'The Voice' Auditions

I have been meaning to write this blog post for weeks, but we have been in the middle of a big move, end of school year, dance recitals, swim lessons, a visit from my mom (and that was just last week!) Needless to say, I am happy to be sitting down in one spot for long enough to type this post!

Some of you know that I recently wrapped a 10 week seminar course on Commitment. It was pretty eye-opening, but I think most importantly, it allowed me to once again, reconnect with parts of myself that I have kept hidden from the world. It always seems to boil down to the fear/doubt/question, ‘who am I to… (__fill-in-the-blank__)? Thankfully I have started to talk back to that voice, (yes, I talk to myself), and answer with, ‘who am I not to?’

I grew up in a music house. My mother being a trained opera singer, music major and music teacher, was constantly singing and playing the piano. We almost always found ourselves gathered around the piano having a sing-along, (if you came over to our house in the 80’s – 90’s, you know this to be true.) Music was our love-language, and there was lots of it to go around.

But something happened as I got older. I became inhibited, and afraid of what you might think about my singing. I knew I could carry a tune and even harmonize at times, but at some point letting you hear my voice just felt way too vulnerable. I developed a ‘stage-fright’, that co-signed a story that I shouldn’t sing for people. And I definitely shouldn’t tell people that I sing, because then they might want to hear me do it, and then they might think I suck.

So what happened? What happened is, I recently grew a (figurative) pair, said ‘eff it’ to the booing crowd in my head, and signed up to audition for ‘The Voice’. I told no one, (not even my husband), for weeks. I think I needed that incubation period to let my impulsive choice set in. With every person I told, I anxiously awaited their judgmental laughter, but it never came. Instead, I was met with encouragement and support. And with each person I told, I felt a little braver and took more ownership of my choice, (and my voice).

The day before the audition, I ‘decided’ not to go about 50 times, each time coming up with a different excuse as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t go. I waited until the very last minute to print my pass. I told my close group of girlfriends at the eleventh hour. It hit me. Once I told everyone in my life, I would be held accountable to show up for myself. With my pass in my hand, and nothing left standing in my way, I set my alarm for 4am.

The day-of was exhilarating. I pulled in to the LA Convention Center at 6am. The line of musical hopefuls wrapped around the building. At each turn, there were guitars playing, groups of people humming and singing, and lots of nervous chatter. It. Was. Awesome. All of these people had woken up before the sun, and showed up to their lives, that morning. I was already inspired.

Throughout the morning, we were moved in to several different waiting areas, each one filled with more and more electric energy. By this time, our neighbors were our friends. And once we were seated in the largest waiting room with hundreds of chairs, it was a full-blown party. The room would spontaneously and consistently break out in collective song. It was beautiful. It was the morning-sing-alongs from my childhood, a thousand fold. We sang ‘Journey’ classics, ‘The Lion King’, ‘Adele’, and everything in between. It was a collective of fully self-expressed Artists, and it was one of the most moving experiences I have had the honor of being a part of.

To be honest, the audition part of the process felt secondary to everything else. 10 of us waited outside of a room. When we entered the large, empty space, a small Asian man with glasses sat behind a large foldout table. In front of him was a semi-circle of 10 chairs, and a masking tape ‘x’  on the floor in the center of the seats. Enter: every single nerve in my body. I was filled with the feeling of “I don’t wanna’. I had practically forgotten that this is why we were here. I became very present to the fact that I was completely untrained and barely prepared for this. But it was too late, and as he pulled our names lottery-style, I awaited my fate.

After several vocally choreographed and incredible performances, it was my turn. Little old me, who’s recent vocal training consisted of a YouTube warm up tutorial. (Seriously). I got up. I sang (imperfectly), and I sat back down. It was done. I had completed my mission. I knew this wasn’t my best performance, and I didn’t care. The victory was in showing up, staring my fear down in the face and making it my Bitch. No one in my group passed through to the next round, not even the guy who had made it through the two previous years.

Walking back through the convention center, past all the hopeful artists I could not wipe the smile off my face. I felt a sense of pride in myself–in all of us, that I can’t properly put in to words. I think being surrounded by thousands of people honoring their artistic gifts, and choosing to live out loud for that day, filled me with the most beautiful sense of adventure. I wish this feeling for everyone, because it is an unparalleled feeling.

So here is what I am proposing. I am proposing that just for today, you honor that secret gift that no one knows you have been hiding from the world, (we all have them). I propose you affirm to yourself “I am an artist”, and allow yourself to play. I am proposing that you make your fear(s) your Bitch, just for today. Sometimes we feel like we need permission to live from this space, so here it is, I am giving you permission to Play Big, today. And I hope that you will report back to let me know how it goes.

xo, Em

Internet Friending: The Do’s and Don’ts

I admit it; I have internet friends. And for a girl who totally missed the boat on internet-dating, making friends via social media (Instagram typically), adds just the right amount of awkward and awesome to my life.


So what exactly is Internet Friending you ask? It’s exactly what it sounds like; plutonic internet dating, (minus the high anxiety and sexting.) Internet friending must happen organically, otherwise it is not internet friending; it’s more like stalking. And you don’t want to be a stalker, right? Right. Making friends via social media is kind of a natural progression, especially if you are a blogger, shop owner or any sort of entrepreneur.

I don’t claim to be an expert on internet friending, because I am relatively new to the whole thing, but there are some common etiquettes I have managed to pick up along the way. I have compiled a do’s and don’ts list, just in case you find yourself in a fledgling internet friendship.

Do like and comment on potential internet friends posts.

Don’t blow up their feed (specially if it is not reciprocated–that is a social cue, people).

Do post shout-outs for brands and bloggers that you like.

Don’t post shout-outs with the sole intention to get one in return.

Do get inspired by internet friends.

Don’t mimic or copycat their ideas (especially without giving credit where it is due.)

Do send a DM (direct message) if you have something to say or ask an internet friend.

Don’t send a spammy / mass DM. Especially without introducing yourself first.

Do comment back when someone comments on your posts.

Don’t be a creeper by adding or following all of someone else’s friends (and especially family.) That’s just weird.

Do cross-interact with other people’s comments on posts.

Don’t harass or stalk someone else’s followers.

Do have fun, be sarcastic and crack jokes.

Don’t take things too seriously or personally.

Do be authentic. There is only one you, and you are R A D.

Don’t try to be anyone else.

Do engage in collaborations.

Don’t flood the feed with pushy, in-your-face sales pitches. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Do allow friendships to develop.

Don’t worry if they don’t right away.

Do remember that you are awesome and have nothing to prove.

Do be positive and helpful to others.

Don’t treat social media like a competition.

Do remember (especially you bloggers and business owners), that everyone had to start somewhere. Real friendships take time, and develop on a foundation of mutual respect, reciprocation and authenticity; even internet friendships.

I’d love to hear about how you became friends with someone through social media or the internet. Share your experience with Internet Friending in the comments below.

Xo, Em

Acrylic Tray DIY for Under $5

Today’s DIY has been brought to you by the Frugal-Franny in me, and it honestly couldn’t be any easier.

Clear acrylic / lucite tray DIY // for under $5 //

Have you noticed the sudden burst of acrylic / leucite / (clear) furniture and home decor? I am in love with it. Acrylic accents add the perfect touch of modern to any space, and to quote Martha Stewart (my spirit-animal), ‘that’s a good thing’.

I found this fab DIY on Rain on a Tin Roof , and decided I needed one (or ten) of my own. So here it is folks, the easiest DIY you will ever do:

Stuff you need:
*Cheap plastic frame (I got mine from Michael’s for around $4).
*Wrapping paper or scrapbook paper

1. The Frame

Remember those cheap, plastic, box-frames with the cardboard backs, from the 80’s? My mom used to put all of our childhood art in them. (I would put money on the fact that some of said art remains in said frames.) Anyhoo, go get one at Michael’s, (I got one for under $4.)

DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 //

Removed the cardboard backing and flip it face-down.

DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 //

(Are you having an ‘a-ha’ moment yet?)

2. The Lining

Originally I thought I would use scrapbook paper for my tray lining, but ended up finding inspiration in the discount wrapping paper area. Score! Either way, pick your poison.

DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 //

Trace the frame on the back of the paper, and cut to size. Once this is done, tape the back sides of the paper to the bottom of the tray, and boom! You have your beautiful new tray.

DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 //

Disclaimer: I wish I could have styled the tray a bit more to my liking, but we are still displaced and not living in our home, and thus not amongst our own stuff.

DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 // DIY Lucite tray tutorial for under $5 //


xo, Em


Giveaway Time!

Hello Lovelies!

As you may (or may not) know, I have been making some fun wall tapestries / banners and selling them in my Etsy shop. It’s a fun, creative outlet for me, and of course making a few extra bucks that I can contribute to my family is a nice bonus.

Handmade boho tapestry banners // Win one now at

What you may not know is that recently I was selected and accepted as a participating vendor in the upcoming Mermade Market craft bazaar. I am over-the-moon about this for a few reasons: A.) I Love the Mermade Market and have been to every single one since the fabulous Elise began putting them on. B.) I adore Elise; she is just plain Rad. C.) I filled out the vendor application as a shot in the dark, never truly expecting to be selected. So as you can imagine, I am honored to participate in this incredible, mama-fueled popup market. 

The Mermade Market is May 7, May 8 & May 9, 2015. Elise will be running several vendor product giveaways before the actual event. 

Help me choose which tapestry to enter as part of Mermade Market’s giveaway, and you can win the tapestry that you vote for… annnnd a matching pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins. 

*Tapestries are on 12 inch dowels, and retail for $30 a piece; Mocs come in size 1 -9,  and retail for $60 a pair. (Other color options available for winner).

Tapestry & Freshly Picked Giveaway via

Here is how you enter to WIN:

Comment below with your color choice, and sign up for the Chasing Ayden Email / Newsletter list (where you will be privy to new posts, recipes, DIYs, FREE digital prints and giveaways). 

This counts as one entry.

And / Or

Head on over to my Instagram page @aydensmommyy, follow me, @mermademarket and @freshlypicked and repost the contest photo (in my instagram feed) with your color selection in the comments of your re-post.

This counts as one entry.

***If you enter both ways, it counts as three entries.

Contest ends Friday, March 27 at midnight (PST). Winner will be announced within 24 hours. Good luck!

xo, Em


Mommy Super Powers

If there is one thing that I can say about motherhood, it is that it really allows you to experience your own resilience. When you enter in to motherhood, a warrior-woman ninja from within emerges.

Mommy Super-powers // A blog post dedcated to the AWESOMENESS of mamas everywhere -

As parents, we have all had some really tough moments, but I think it is safe to say that we have also all had those really proud moments. You know the ones I mean. The moments of  super-heroism, where there is no one else there to witness your true greatness but you and your baby/child, (who is completely incapable of understanding your awesomeness in said moment). 

I took to my amazing ladies in The Mama Support Forum, for some Mama Super Hero moments. Here is a compilation of some of my favorite Mommy Super Powers:

1. We have 4 hands:

Stuart and his feet

Anatomically speaking we may not look any different from your average human, but tie a mommy’s hands up with a baby or kids? And she will quickly learn that her feet work as well as hands, (with a little practice).

2. We have a 6th sense for trouble

Mommy Super powers //

You hear silence and think ‘ahhh, time to relax’. We hear silence and immediately know something is being destroyed.

3. We are car contortionists


If you have ever experienced the incessant whining of a toddler who desperately needs a toy / snack / doll / drink / etc while you happen to be driving through traffic, then you understand the urgency one might experience to make the whining stop. I have literally made body parts stretch in Gumby-esque ways, (while driving) to reach objects wedged between hard-to-reach spaces, all in the name of a few moments of silence. (I hope you are getting a good mental image, because it’s as awesome as it sounds).

4. We have a bionic sense of smell (for poop)

Mommy Superpowers

You think I’m joking, but I’m not. We can smell poop from three rooms away. It is an acquired skill, and while we are slightly grossed out by it, we are equally proud. (We can also identify our own kid’s ‘brand’, if need be.)

5. We have catlike reflexes

When it comes to our children, we can move thousand pound cars, if we have to. But what you may not realize, is that we possess the ability to catch our little ones mid-catastrophe, from precarious positions and/or situations, (averting imminent crisis.) Go-go gadget arms…

6. Ninja style nursing

Mommy Superpowers // htp://

We are capable of nursing our babies while doing any of (but not limited to) the following: walking, cooking, eating, peeing, conversing, cleaning, baking, exercising, etc. We can even nurse in such a manner that you might not even realize that it’s happening right in front of you.

7. We are baby-wearing bandits

Mommy Superpowers //

There is very little that we can’t do with a child strapped to our bodies. We clean entire houses with tiny humans strapped to our chest. And let’s not forget the mamas who wear two children at once tandem-style, (one on the front; one on the back).

8. We can cook with one hand tied behind our back

Mommy Superpowers //

This is a mommy super power you may not be aware of, because typically meals make it to our table looking and tasting pretty darn good. What you missed is the behind-the-scenes madness that most likely preceded the food-fest before you. This might entail wrestling with tiny humans, holding one or more kid while cooking, allowing child to ‘help’ cook, breaking up toddler sparring matches or just saving the world in general.

9. We can turn off our bladder

Mommy Superpowers //

Sometimes stopping to pee is not an option. We talk ourselves through the pain of really having ‘to go’, by reminding ourselves that we survived child-birth. (Maybe this is why I have to involuntarily pee every time I try to jump rope).

10. We can outwit the flu

Moms get sick too. But what we don’t get? Is to lay in bed and be sick, (especially if there are other family members who are also under-the-weather). Enter the mommy superpower that allows |forces| us to rise above said sickness.

11. We have mad multitasking skills

Mommy Superpowers //


It’s truly frightening how accurate this picture is.

12. Sleep? We don’t need no stinkin’ sleep

Mommy Superpowers //


Normal humans need anywhere from 6 to 8 hours of sleep a night to properly function; not us moms! We can get by on as little as 2 hours of sleep. 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep is a luxury; 6 hours in a row is pretty much a vacation.

13. We can fix anything

Mommy Superpowers //


Broken toy? No problem. We will find a way to rig it back together. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation that allows us to think outside of the box so freely, or maybe it is an aversion to crying and whining.

At the end of the day, we are all super heroes to someone, (whether you are a mom or not). It is easy to get caught up in our short-comings, but today let’s all celebrate our mini victories. And hey, if no one told you yet today, you’re doing an awesome job.

xo, Emily

St. Patrick’s Day DIY Roundup

It’s that time of year again, where everyone is Irish for a day. It may not be one of the ‘major’ holidays, but who doesn’t love an excuse to drink green beer, pinch their friends and say silly thing like ‘Kiss me, I’m |not| Irish!’

St. Patrick's Day DIY Roundup //

Yes friends, I am talking about Saint Patrick’s Day, or in my world, another excuse to do a craft with my little one. I have rounded up some fun |and of course cute| DIY crafts that won’t break the bank, and won’t take too much time.

Lucky Penny Letters

St. Patrick's Day DIY Roundup:

via Made By Marzipan


St, Patty’s Clay Pot Planters

St. Patric's Day DIY Link Party:

via The Merry Thought


Mini Pallet Art

St. Patrick's Day DIY Link Party:

via View From The Fridge


Bell Pepper Shamrock Prints

St. Patty's DIY Roundup:

via Crafty Morning


Pot of gold

St. Patty's DIY Roundup:

via The 36th Avenue


Rainbow Fruit Cup

St. Patty's DIY Roundup:

via One Sweet Appetite


Leprechaun Popcorn

St. Patty's Day DIYs:

via Skip to My Lou


Lucky Treats

St. Patrick's Day DIY Roundup:

via Sweet Designs


xo, Em

29 Things that Totally Rocked in the 90’s

The 1990’s have made a major fashion-comeback, and with it, it brings a walk down memory lane. From fashion to major news events, I have rounded up some of my favorite things from what some call, ‘the last great decade’.

29 things that rocked in the 90's //

1. Grunge

Matt Dyllon // 90's Grunge Drew Barrymore // 90's Grunge Kurt Cobain // 90's Grunge

What’s not to love about a culture that encourages unwashed hair and plaid pajamas as clothing?

2. The best ‘Saturday Night Live’ cast ever.

SNL cast // 1990's

Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman (RIP), Mike Myers, Victoria Jackson, Chris Farley (RIP), Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon, Dennis Miller, Julia Sweeney, Jan Hooks (RIP), Tim Meadows, David Spade, Al Franken, Rob Schneider.

‘Nuff said.

3. 9 0 2 1 0

90210 //

The most important zip code I ever did see. Enter the era of the Brenda – Dylan saga. (Luke Perry… le sigh.)

And who could ever (or want to) forget, “Donna Martin graduates!!” We should all have the kind of friends who would protest their own graduation in the name of defending our honor, after we got expelled from school for showing up to prom drunk!

4. Doc Martins

steel toe docs

As if Doc Martins could ever really go out of style. But still, the 90’s were the era of the combat boot, and nothing said ‘comabt’, (or cool), quite like a pair of lace-up Docs. Bonus points if you owned steel-toes.

5. Kate Moss

kate moss // 1990s Kate and Johnny // 1990s Kate and Johnny // 1990s

I am talking about the Kate Moss before everyone knew she was a coke-head, (or at least before we had proof); the Kate Moss that dated Johnny Depp. I am still bitter that it didn’t work out between them. They would give Brad and Angelina a run for their money, today.

6. Tupac

Tupac // 1990s

I will say 2 things about Tupac Shakur: 1.) The man was a poet; 2.) I was legitimately sad (might have even shed a tear), when he died. #TheresAHeavenForAG

7. Conan O’Brien

Conan O'brien // 1990s

Raise your hand if you watched Conan O’Brien back when his time slot was at like 2am, and he was always on the verge of being cancelled!

8. Y2K

Y2k // 1990s

Albeit the very end of the 90’s, this whole fiasco still amazes and amuses me. The US government spent $100 billion dollars, people built legitimate bomb shelters and stocked up on water and food, in preparation for the potential apocalyptic, end-of-the-world fiasco that would be Y2K. Then? Nothing happened. No one ever spoke of it again. Does anyone else find this hilarious?

9. The OJ Simpson Car Chase

Simpson chase //

Let me premise this by saying that the circumstances surrounding this event were tragic and awful. However, I have the most vivid memory of watching this car chase (while I was packing for a soccer tournament), and it was epic. I also learned what a white Ford Bronco looked like.

10. Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera

Britney vs Christina // 1990s

If we knew then what we know now…

11. MTV’s Spring Break

mtv spring break // 1990s

Let’s be honest, MTV put Spring Break on the map, at least a the public level. Lots of dirty dancing (see also ‘The Grind’), Jerry ‘Springer Break’ moments, Carmen Electra and a whole lot of skin.

12. Christian Slater

Christian Slater // 1990s

He was my childhood crush and this is my list, so he makes the cut.

13. Clueless


This movie is everything. I can probably still recite the entire movie from start to finish. What-ever. (RIP Ty / Brittany Murphy)

14. Bill Mother-effin’ Clinton

Bill Clinton // 1990s  Clinton on Arsenio Hall

Let’s not start a political debate here, but Bill Clinton was THE MAN. He made appearances on MTV (rockin’ that young vote), and he was a PILF–President I’d Like To…

15. The Monica Blew-Clinsky Scandal

Monica and Bill // 1990s

While we’re on the topic of Bill Clinton… Sex had never been talked about so freely in the press, until this story broke. We also learned the true meaning of the word ‘friennemy’, (see; Linda Tripp), and that one should always dry clean their clothing, after a night of partying, (see; ‘the original blue dress’).

16. Michael Jordan

michael // 1990s

I am a Boston fan for life, but Michael Jordan had the whole world thinking, ‘I wanna be like Mike’, in the 90s. The man is a legend.

17. No Doubt

No Doubt

Two words, Tragic Kingdom.  ‘Just a Girl’ was every girl’s anthem, and Gwen Stefani is probably still my number one girl-crush.

18. There’s Something About Mary


More like, there’s something about Cameron. Movies had pretty much stopped being funny until this movie came out, reviving the entire Romantic Comedy genre. Who could ever forget that zipper scene? Also, ‘Have you seen my baseball?’

19. Body Suits

bodysuit 90s via

FYI, these were not comfortable.

20. The era of The Slacker

90s slackers

Ahhh, the slacker. The perfect boyfriend prototype to piss off ones parents.

If you weren’t one of these hacky-sack kicking, ultimate frisbee playing, pot smoking, skateboarding folk, you certainly knew one if you were around in the 90’s. Entire movies like ‘Reality Bites’, were devoted to this brand of human.

21. Pagers

pagers // 1990s

I had a pager for 3 weeks. Nothing is more annoying that having to find change for the pay-phone to call someone back who just paged you: 411 911 420 411111 911111 187

22. Stussy


(But only for doodling purposes)

23. Magic Eye Pictures

Magic eye

I have still never been able to find the darn picture.

24. AOL

AOL dial up // 1990s

Aka Chat-rooms (Beep boop bop boop beep boop bop…)

25. ‘The Real World’

the real world // ny 1990s

The early days of ‘The Real World’, when the characters were actually interesting and it wasn’t all about hooking up with each other and getting DUIs, were actually pretty ground-breaking. We met characters like Eric Nies, Puck and Pedro Zamora.

26. The Simpsons

the simpsons

Remember when Bart Simpson had his own dance, The Bartman? (Yeah, that happened). Remember all of the knock off Simpsons T-shirts? (If it wasn’t signed by Matt Groening, then it wasn’t authentic.) I also remember when wearing said T-shirts could get you sent home from school, especially the ones that said “I’m and underachiever”. Come to think of it, maybe it was Bart Simpson who started the slacker movement.

27. My So-Called Life

My so-called life // 1990s

Best. Show. Ever. Of course they cancelled it. I love you, Jordan Catalano.

28. Friends


So no one told you it was gonna be this way…

29. Zoot Suit Riot


Swing music and culture made a comeback, and it was pretty great. Did you go swing dancing in the 90’s? (Side note, if you missed the 1996 movie ‘Swingers’, go watch it. Vince Vaughn at his finest).

Even The Gap got on the swing boat.


Did I miss some of your favorites? What totally rocked you in the 90’s?

xo, Em


An Etsy Affair

A few months ago during a DIY challenge, I created a Land of Nod-inspired wall tapestry that now happily resides in our living room. For a while I have been contemplating creating smaller versions of these. That contemplation has come to fruition.

Boho tapestries on Etsy via:

I am now selling these boho pieces of wall art in my Etsy shop, (yes I have a teeny, leetle Etsy shop), Aydens Rose. I will continue to add new designs to my shop, and will be creating some mini (6 inch) versions of the tapestries as well. I am excited to see where this creating journey takes me. I am a firm believer that my creativity is the gateway to my spirituality; (and I’m just trying to open the door).

Here are some pictures of my first round of creations.

xo, Em

Am I Hungry; Weeks 1 & 2

As you already know from a previous blog post, I began a 12 week Mindful Eating program called, Am I Hungry?®. I also promised to check in and keep you updated on what I am learning and how I am doing.

Am I Hungry? Mindful Eating Workshop Weeks 1&2, via:

Week 1 Recap:

Week 1 was a general breakdown of different types of hunger cycles, (Mindful, Instinctive, Overeating and Restrictive). We began to talk about learning to check in with ourselves asking things like, “am I over eating, under eating or mindfully eating?” Establishing an awareness sans judgment, is the foundation of this program.

We also delved in to finding fun ways to move our bodies (exercise), as a means of reward rather than punishment. In the workbook, we wrote down types of exercise or movement that we enjoyed and that were feasible in different circumstances.

My progress:

I have to be honest, week 1 I was a C / D student, at best. Maybe it was my inner rebel fighting ‘the system’, maybe it was because we are still not living in our home and I am ‘out of sorts’, maybe it was sheer laziness. It doesn’t matter. What matters, is that I started at all.

What that looked like is: I read the suggested chapters in the program’s text-book, and I did the writing in the workbook. It was meager beginnings, but I have learned to celebrate little victories instead of dwelling on short-comings.

Week 2 Recap:

Week 2 spoke my language; it was all about re-wiring our thinking, affirming the positive (instead of confirming the negative) and devising a plan of action, for body movement.

We began to identify negative thoughts, and replace them with positive ones. This is actually something I have been working on personally over the past year, so it felt pretty natural. We also approached exercise from a different angle. We explored types of movement that we enjoyed, and found ways to incorporate it in to our busy lives.

My progress:

Week 2 held some more mini-victories for me; yay! I began to implement a self-check-in, before and during (some) meals. This allowed me to make conscious decisions instead of just mindlessly eating what is in front of me. This is a bit of progress.

In addition to completing the workbook assignment ad reading, I also got more physically active than I have been lately. I did a beach-side stair workout that was not only fulfilling physically, but mentally as well. My favorite though, was the 30 minute dance-party I had with my 3-year-old.

Going in to Week 3:

The best way to describe my participation in this course, is that I have been easing in to it. I feel more committed this week, and going in to week 3 I am aiming to dedicate some time to the suggested daily journaling, in addition to the tools I have already began to implement.

I am excited to check back in with you, and share what I am learning and how I am progressing.

*For information on Am I Hungry? A mindful Eating Program, click here. Or visit

xo, Em


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