'There's enough room for everyone': a post about pushing through fear to live creatively http://chasingayden.com/enough-room  Is there something that you love to do that feels uniquely yours; almost like it is a part of your very identity? Perhaps it is a skill or a craft that you have honed for many years, and most likely a source of confidence in yourself. Only to find out there are other people out there who feel the exact same way about the exact same hobby or craft? And to make matters worse, they may actually be quite talented in these areas. It can be a deflating feeling, almost as if you have lost something–a piece of yourself. And then in waltzes fear in one of its many ugly forms, encouraging you to just give up and quit; or arousing jealousy and insecurity. I want to tell you; this is a very human experience, but I also want to tell you that this fear-voice is full of crap.

I used to feel this way pretty regularly, and it was uncomfortable (to say the least). Living from a space of fear (that something was going to be taken away from me), was the perfect recipe to invite exactly that. But the Universe didn’t bless you with a skill or talent, so you could sit around and compare it to someone else’s skill or talent. You were given an internal GPS guided by positive and negative emotion, so that you would know exactly what to pursue to make you feel fulfilled. And if that is the case, then someone else’s GPS can never infringe upon our own route–truly.

On a pretty regular basis, people will randomly reach out to me because they are wanting to start a blog and they want some advice or encouragement. A fear-based version of myself would have balked at these inquiries, but I have come to really love them for a few reasons. First of all, every inch of my blogging ‘career’ has been 100% self-taught, with the help of endless Pinterest articles, Google searches, the kindness of other folks willing to kick me down some of their knowledge and good old trial and (many) error. I have learned so much over the past several years, but it has been and continues to be a process. Secondly, when you operate from a space of abundance (instead of fear), you attract more abundance. So it feels very full-circle that I could be in a position to help someone else start their blogging journey. I also appreciate it because I get to put into practice a creative mantra that I adopted years ago; there’s enough room for everyone.

When I started this blog, I did so because I was searching for a creative outlet (and writers gonna write!) But I also did so with plenty of apprehension, because let’s face it, there is an abundance of Mommy-bloggers. Initially it felt so big and I wondered, ‘where will I fit into this giant blogosphere–how will I stand out and not be buried among the thousands of others’? But then there was this knowing and peace deep, down in my gut: my voice is my own and can never be duplicated; I don’t even need to try to stand out, because me being uniquely me is what sets me apart. Call it a moment of clarity or a message from my higher self, but with that, I took a leap of faith and forged on.

So here’s the thing you guys, whatever it is you love to do or are wanting to try or are too afraid to even think of attempting, there is space for you in this creative universe. There is literally space for every single creative being. And here’s a big spoiler-alert; we are all creative beings.

If you’re feeling afraid, or threatened, or less-than, or like it’s too late, or like you aren’t good enough or unique enough, or just plain stuck; I hope you will accept this as your moment of clarity, take your own leap of faith and trust me when I say, there is enough room for everyone!

xo, Em