Yesterday morning I was on a conference call in correspondence with a 10 week seminar I am in the middle of. It is a course on commitment, but really it is a course on self-discovery. I was working out some ‘stuff’ (I will get to this later) with our seminar leader, when she said something that struck me inspired; “Be responsible for your greatness.”

Be responsoble for your greatness

You see, we were discussing the filters in which we view our worlds; the limitations that our life-long beliefs about ourselves create. I have been working on identifying my hidden motives in life, and even more so, asking myself if they are in line with my true goals and desires and commitments. Many times the answer is ‘no’.

Confused? (I was). Here is an example: I have a desire, a goal, a commitment to being physically fit. Not an uncommon one. But I also have an inclination to Netflix and chill… with a bowl of cereal. Or ice cream. Late at night.

This isn’t exactly in line with my initial intent to be physically fit. Hidden commitment: 1; Actual commitment: 0.

The power is in taking ownership of all of this. To recognize where we are falling short without putting a ‘bad’ label on it. Let’s call it collecting data. If I can identify my hidden commitments, admit that I CHOSE the hidden commitment (taking ownership of it), then I become empowered to make some Real changes that are more in line with my actual commitment.

So back to our conference call, and back to my ‘stuff’ that I promised to tell you about. I have a secret. It’s a doozy–maybe even the biggest secret I have ever kept. Are you ready? Here it is…  Most of my life, I have been playing small. In reality, I have an entire UNIVERSE inside of me that is dying to be seen and heard. I have been holding back and trying not to take up too much Universal space. I have been inauthentic, because I haven’t allowed myself to be fully self-expressed. I have given you a sliver of ME, in fear that the Whole and Real me might be ‘too much’.

The impact of living this way is that I sometimes walk around feeling limited in my relationships, limited creatively, feeling resentful, jealous, envious, self-doubting, angry and aimless.

But. I am deciding–declaring, that it stops today–right now. The new possibility I am inventing and creating for myself and my life, is to Live out Loud, fully self-expressed. I am letting my freak-flag fly high and proud, and I am inviting you to join me. Even more so, I am asking you to hold me accountable to my commitment. I am asking you to hold me to my Greatness.

I am brilliant. I am dynamic. I am an artist. I am empowered. Go on, say it with me… If it makes you uncomfortable, good. But in reality, who is someone as fantastically talented, inspired and GREAT as YOU, to be living an ordinary life?  Live in your greatness, today. Be responsible for your greatness, today.

xo, Em