Hello my friends! I had to write this post not only as a necessary update to you, but also so I never forget this special time in my life!

Let’s see… last we left off, I was discovering that I am not less of a mom raising an only child. I was totally blown away by the incredibly loving and overwhelming response to that blog post. Writing about such a vulnerable subject left me feeling a bit exposed, and open for judgement. However, your comments, feedback, re-pins and all around support made me feel like that post–my story, had a real purpose. You reminded me that I am not alone, and reading your stories in response to mine, left me feeling totally connected and inspired. So THANK YOU for receiving my truth so lovingly.

Discovering I Am Not Less of A Mom; Part 2 http://chasingayden.com/part2

Writing that blog post was therapeutic for me. At times I have gone back to re-read my own words. Not in a self-obsessed kind of way, but so that I could remind myself of my own strength (and yours), in a sometimes challenging situation. But since then, some things have shifted and changed, and I just couldn’t keep this to myself, after you replied with so much of your own beautiful honesty. So here is the next chapter of that story, and a reminder that there is almost always a next chapter, even when it seems like you’re at a dead-end.

In regards to coming to terms with having an only child, where I landed was in a place of acceptance, (for the most part). This may have not been ‘my plan’, but I have come to learn and know that life unfolds in unexpected ways, and often results in better outcomes than I could have imagined in the first place. So I backed off of the argument with my sweet husband, and refocused my energies on creating a beautiful, fun and meaningful childhood for our Ayden-girl. I looked for opportunities to be grateful for our little trio. And life sort of just resumed.

A year and several months passed, when (literally) suddenly in one week, I found out 10! – Yes, 10! friends were newly pregnant. Some with their first, others with their 2nd and a few with their 3rd. This put the count of currently pregnant friends up to 14, and counting. I was genuinely happy for each friend, however many of the feelings I had struggled with before, resurfaced. I did not want these feelings to resurface, in fact I tried to push them back down. But there they were, staring me square in the face. It felt very selfish to make anyone else’s pregnancy mean anything about ME, and I tried not to judge myself for it. But, I am human. And sometimes I am selfish and self-centered, and I knew I needed to address these feelings once again. (Cue eye roll).

A friend suggested I write my feelings down in the form of a letter, to my husband. It was a great solution and really took the drama out of an emotional situation. It had been a long while since we had even discussed the possibility of having another baby, and at this point I just wanted to share my truth that deep down, buried under a lot of soul-searching, I couldn’t deny my heart’s true desire. I typed the letter out, without trying to make it sound ‘good’. I didn’t care if it was well written, even though I am a total word-nerd. It just had to be honest and loving. I hit the ‘save’ button, and decided not to read it to him for a few weeks; when my emotions weren’t so intense.

Here is where the magic happens. Mind you, I never read that letter to Mike. I never even mentioned that I wrote it. The following week, on a Tuesday night, he came home from work bearing flowers for both me and Ayden, (he’s a keeper!). One of my love-languages I have discovered, is gifts, so this token of thoughtfulness was beyond appreciated. At dinner he made a strange comment to Ayden about becoming a big sister. I teared up, because my husband is not careless with his words. In fact, he is quite intentional, and wouldn’t dare to bring up such a sensitive topic if he couldn’t back it up with some action. Coupled with some other non-blog-appropriate actions earlier in the week, I knew something was up. I decided to let him broach the topic, in fear that perhaps I was imagining it all. Later that night, my amazing husband went on to tell me.. “So, I have been thinking…” I immediately interrupted, replying, “–Are we trying to have a baby!?”  And you guessed it, ladies and gents, after all of this time, something–God; the Universe; All that is, had changed his heart. Prayers that I was afraid to say out-loud, had been answered.

I almost didn’t want to write this post, because I didn’t want to take away from my original post. I still firmly believe that even if Mike hadn’t had a change of heart, I wouldn’t be any less of a mom. But my hope is that this post–our story, might give someone else hope, who is struggling to trust that there is a bigger plan for them in life, than merely what is in front of them at this moment. What I have learned from this journey, is that while I claim to be a spiritual person, I had created a limit on the capabilities of my god / higher power. I trusted in some areas, but not in the area of growing our family. It’s been very humbling, actually. It has forced me to go back and re-examine my relationship to my spirituality.

Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that we are expecting baby # 2 in March of 2017, and I can’t wait to document this epic journey, (morning sickness and all).

Discovering I am not less of a mom, PART 2: Our journey from being a family of 3 to a family of 4

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4 comments on “Discovering I Am Not Less of a Mom; PART 2”

  1. Congrats! Just stumbled upon your first article on this issue and wanted to tell you my husband had the same reaction to baby #2 after our first. 5 years later…I was pregnant with number 2. I didn’t push him and like you, waited and prayed. Wasn’t willing to deceive him or risk losing what we had. It just took him a little longer than me to realize we were missing a stocking over the fireplace! XO

    • Hi Traci!

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! So nice to know we are all in this motherhood thing together. And so grateful we both got our happy ending! Life sure is full of wonderful surprises! I am so grateful things unfolded the way they did, and not because I pressured my hub in to it!! Wishing you a beautiful new year!

  2. Hi Emily!

    I stumbled upon your blog today after reading the first part of this story on Scary Mommy. I had to read more, as this is the exact situation I am in now. My first (and only) daughter will be 2 in January, and while I cannot say that right now is the time for our 2nd, I know I do want a 2nd child. My husband has the opposite feelings and that our family is perfect at 3. He wonders how much our lives could change with another child when our lives have already changed so much with 1.
    We had a “tear fest” the other day (in the midst of moving, Christmas, and crazy hormones) in which I told him that I’m worried I can’t complain that I’m tired or our toddler is driving me crazy, for fear that he’ll hold that against me when I really do want that 2nd child. Thank goodness we were able to talk it out and he promised that was never something he would do to me, but that he has his own worries about having another child.
    I find myself having to do what you did, just live in the moment and be happy with everything I have. If God means for us to have another, it will happen.
    I wish you well, and pray this pregnancy goes smoothly for you! Thanks for your open words and thoughts.

    • Kathleen,

      I totally get that! I remember feeling that exact way–like I couldn’t be human and get frustrated or he might build his case against another baby. I am so glad you voiced that concern to your hub, and that he could reassure you! He sounds like a great guy. Wishing you tons of peace, and thanks so much for your response to the posts!!

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