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Recently, I partnered with Nuby as a part of their Parenting Blogger Program. They are one of the leading baby-swag companies, and I have been asked to review a few of their products. One of the reasons I decided to work with this company, is because they truly value quality, and pay great attention to detail when it comes to the gadgets they make for our littles, and that is really important to me. We have tried each of the items below, and currently are still happily using them all. (I will post links to each item below my reviews. These are affiliate links, which means you help my family by purchasing from the links. 🙂 )

Happy Hands Teething MittenNuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten REVIEW Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten REVIEW Nuby Happy Hands Teething Mitten REVIEW

Dear Nuby, This. Is. Genius. This might be my favorite of all of the products I am reviewing! Let’s start with the design. This teether is made of baby paper and BPA-free textured silicone. It velcros on to your baby’s hand, which is great when they aren’t quite able to grab or hold on to a toy. As you can see from the photo above, Frankie loves this nifty little gadget.

Link: Nuby Happy Hands Teether on Amazon

Bath CrayonsNuby Bath Crayons product REVIEW Nuby Bath Crayons product REVIEW Bath Crayons product REVIEW

Any of you who know me personally, know that Ayden has an affinity for drawing on walls. (If you don’t know me personally, you should ask me about ‘the sharpie incident’.) So naturally I had to get these Nuby bath crayons for my girl. And I will say this; they were a hit! I will also say this; Ayden went to town on our bathtub and glass door, but hey! At least it wasn’t sharpie!

Link: Bath Crayons on Amazon

Little SquirtsNuby Little Squirts Bath Toys product REVIEW

What would bath-time be without bath-toys! We love these Nuby Little Squirts toys! Ayden has hoarded the majority of them because naturally they make great pets for her Barbies, (yes there are Barbies in her bathtub). Frankie basically puts them in her mouth to chew on (hello, teething), but that’s just fine since they are BPA-free. These are a great addition to bathtime; two thumbs up!

Link: Little Squirts bath toys on Amazon

*For your peace of mind, we do actually test out each product that companies submit to us for review. And as you probably have noticed, I rarely dedicate blog posts for product review, so you can trust that I will always give it to you straight. 

xo, Em

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