We are definitely in the midst of some sort of social media revolution. Every person I know (with the exception of my husband), participates in some form of social networking. But have you ever stopped to consider what’s in your feed?

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A few years ago, I jumped aboard the #fitfam craze of Instagram. Let me preface this by saying, I have no problems with the fitness community, in fact I am grateful for some of the inspiration and information that I have received from it. 

I began to follow fitness account after fitness account. I started posting my own workouts and meals, as a means of participation. One day while scrolling through my feed, I became aware of something. Many of the accounts I was following did not feel uplifting. Instead, I felt further away from my goals, guilty, shameful and even envious. 

It occurred to me that I could unfollow some of these accounts, so I did. 

I am a sensitive person. I take things in without even meaning to, so it is important for me to surround myself with positivity and inspiration. Some of the standards we see on Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook, (or which ever outlet you fancy), place unreal expectations on what our lives ‘should’ look like. 

I recently found myself falling in to this same trap with Lifestyle accounts. I found myself comparing myself to the mom who manages to balance 4 perfectly dressed, beautiful, smiley children; an interior design oasis of a dream-house; a perfect husband; insane crafty talent; a blog to be desired; 3 golden retrievers; and a partridge in a pear tree. Ok, well maybe not the last part, but you see what I’m getting at; a picture says a thousand words. 

Again, I scanned through my feed and unfollowed accounts that did not feel uplifting to me. I think it is important to consider what we are ingesting subconsciously. I have nothing personal against any of these people, and I am sure that my removing them from my feed says more about me than them, and I am OK with that. Who am I not to honor my own needs?

I challenge and encourage each of you to scan through your social media feeds and weed out accounts that don’t contribute to your life in a positive way, (we all have some). Furthermore, I challenge you to ask yourself, ‘Am I being a positive contributer to others?’

Just a little food-for-thought on this Friday morning.

xo, Em

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  1. Love this!-I too am learning it’s ok to in-follow! Thanks for the reminder and I can’t wait for you to write a book someday! 🙂

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